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North Ayrshire Advanced Motorists are proud to support BRAKE – the road safety charity – in their ‘make the pledge campaign’, as part of road safety week (21st – 27th November).

The pledge focuses on many aspects of driving and road safety, and applies to both drivers and non-drivers alike. The key parts of the pledge are as follows:

SLOW: I’ll stay under limits, and slow down to 20mph around schools, homes and shops to protect others. I’ll slow right down for bends, brows and bad weather, and avoid overtaking.

SOBER: I’ll never drive after drinking any alcohol or drugs – not a drop, not a drag.

SECURE: I’ll make sure everyone in my vehicle is belted up on every journey, and kids smaller than 150cm are in a proper child restraint. I’ll choose the safest vehicle I can and ensure it’s maintained.

SILENT: I’ll never take or make calls, read or type when driving. I’ll put communication devices out of reach, and stay focused.

SHARP: I’ll stay focused on safe driving. I’ll take regular breaks and never drive if I’m tired, stressed or on medication that affects driving. I’ll get my eyes tested every two years and wear glasses or lenses at the wheel if I need them.

SUSTAINABLE: I’ll minimise the amount I drive, or not drive at all. I’ll get about by walking, cycling or public transport as much as I can, for road safety, the environment and my health.


For more information about the BRAKE pledge, please click here

For more information about road safety week 2016, please click here

Special offer for drivers aged 17-25

Younger drivers can do the IAM RoadSmart advanced driving course for free!

Thanks to support from North Ayrshire Council, the group is able to offer drivers aged 17-25 who purchase an advanced driving course a full reimbursement of the course cost upon passing the advanced driving test.

To obtain a full refund, all we ask is that associates pass the advanced driving test within one year of joining the group, and that the associate is aged 17-25 when they pass the advanced driving test.

This is an excellent opportunity for younger drivers to gain skills for life whilst effectively getting the advanced driving course for free.

Please contact us to discuss this excellent offer in more detail.

A new look for our website

Take a look around our updated website!

In conjunction with the launch of the updated IAM RoadSmart course, the North Ayrshire Advanced Motorists committee decided it would be a good idea to update our image also. With that in mind, we have developed a fresh new website and revised online presence. We aim to expand the website over the coming weeks, filling it with useful driving-related resources and the latest group information.

Please be sure to check out our Facebook page also.

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Group Meetings

The group meets each Thursday at 7.30pm, at Ardrossan Civic Centre, 150 Glasgow Street, Ardrossan, KA22 8EU. New members are always welcome.


Get in touch with us:

Contact: Arthur MacDonald

Phone:  07899 600 921


Facebook:  North Ayrshire Advanced Motorists

Some Advanced Driving Basics

Here are a few advanced driving tips that will instantly improve your driving:

  1. Concentration and Observation.
    • The best way to keep yourself safe is to spot potential hazards well before they become a problem. Observation is how you spot hazards – and concentrating maximises your observational skills.
    • Reaction times are significantly reduced if a driver anticipates a hazard. Take heed of signs and road markings, they warn you of what may be ahead for good reason.
    • Minimise distractions such as phones or loud music, and tell distracting passengers that you need to focus.
  2. Think about human factors
    • Getting angry whilst driving can lead to bad judgements, and ‘red mist’ can cause normally-calm people to act out of character. Stay calm, stay focused, stay safe.
    • Sleep depravation can produce effects similar to that of alcohol intoxication; impairing reaction time and decision-making ability. If you’re feeling tired, consider stopping for a rest.
  3. Look after your vehicle
    • Tyres are your only points of contact with the road. Badly worn, poorly inflated or damaged tyres are all potentially dangerous. Check them regularly and buy the best quality you can afford.
    • Inspect fluids regularly – Oil, coolant, windscreen washer, power steering and brake fluids are all essential to the safe running of your vehicle.
    • Prepare for potential problems – keep a hi-viz vest in the car, so you can be seen in the event of a breakdown or emergency. Make sure your spare tyre is in good condition…before you actually need it!


For more driving-based knowledge and useful tips, why not consider joining North Ayrshire Advanced Motorists?

To find out more, click here to contact us.