We have a range of courses to suit drivers of all ages and abilities – from basic drive checks to advanced driving tests.

To sign-up for a course, please contact North Ayrshire Advanced Motorists directly or purchase a course via the IAM RoadSmart website (click here).

Advanced Driver Course
Improve your road skills and knowledge with the IAM RoadSmart advanced driver course. The course is delivered by experienced and qualified (IMI) observers, who will take you through a number of observed runs in your own vehicle. Practical sessions are supplemented by a range of course materials and informal discussion sessions with observers.

The IAM advanced driving course is DVSA-accredited and industry recognised, which brings a range of benefits to members who pass their test, including the potential for cheaper car insurance. But most importantly this skill for life can help to keep yourself and your passengers safer on the road.

For full information on the IAM RoadSmart advanced driving course, click here.

Not quite sure if this course is for you? We offer a completely free demo drive, where one of our observers will take you out in their car for an hour and show you some of the techniques contained within the course.

Drive Check Plus Assessment
Our driver assessments are an excellent way to get an impartial opinion on your current driving abilities, whilst picking up a few expert tips along the way. Lasting approximately two hours, our informal on-the-road evaluations are conducted in the comfort of your own vehicle and are designed to build confidence, sharpen skills and enhance the enjoyment of your everyday driving experiences.

Perhaps you have been involved in an accident or near miss. Maybe you have concerns about a specific aspect of driving (e.g. driving on country roads / motorways / at night / in adverse weather conditions). Or perhaps you are a confident driver keen to find out just how good you are. We know that no two drivers are the same, so our driver assessments are tailored to your requirements.

At the end of the drive you will receive expert feedback – both verbal and written assessments of your abilities – and will also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions at length with your observer.

For more information about the IAM ‘Drive check plus’ assessment, please click here.

Young Driver / Mature Driver assessments
In addition to the standard driver assessment, we also offer ‘young driver’ and ‘mature driver’ assessments. Each of these courses is tailored to the specific requirements of each type of driver. Hone your skills, refresh your knowledge and improve your safety on the road with the help of our experienced and knowledgeable observers. All assessments are informal, conducted in your vehicle and you can even bring a friend along if you like. You will emerge feeling more confident about your driving and with a real sense of achievement.

For more information about IAM RoadSmart assessments, please click on the relevant link below: