Latest news and upcoming events

March 2018


+ Instead of having flexible start dates for associates, we are aiming to have all associates start at the same time on one of two course cycles per year (March – June and July – October). Structuring the course this way will allow for more daylight driving and makes it easier to deliver workshop and practical sessions to a group who are all roughly at the same stage.

+ Although the ideal situation is for an associate to start on week one, new members are still welcome to join a course even if it has started for a few weeks.  Our observers will offer additional assistance as required. If a course is more than half-way done, we would recommend coming along for a taster / demo session, doing some of the IAM’s e-learning modules, and enrolling for our next advanced driving course session.

+ There will now be a defined structure of approximately 15 weeks, where associates will go out for observed drives most weeks, supplemented by workshop sessions at the Civic Centre every few weeks. The course will still be flexible enough so as to accommodate the different pace of all associates, and we will have supplementary materials available for anyone who can’t make a workshop session.

In addition to group discussions and learning about advanced driving concepts, the workshop sessions will also feature guest speakers and presentations. Workshop sessions also provide an opportunity for associates to meet one another and find out more about the group.

+ Currently the group meets every Thursday at the Civic Centre before going on observed runs, however as of March 2018 observed runs will be delivered flexibly – at the time most suitable for associates and observers. This will allow associates to fit observed runs around their daily lives and means that additional observed sessions can be arranged as required.



We are holding an open evening on the 8th of March for all group members. We would like to collect the thoughts of all our members on the direction the group should take in the future, and explore any ideas that members might have about promoting the group generally. It is also an opportunity for a catch-up and chat for members that haven’t been along for a while.



February 2018

We are holding an open day at Ardrossan Civic Centre on the 24th of February between 11am and 3pm. All are welcome, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about advanced driving in North Ayrshire.



Older news events

April 2017

We are pleased to announce that three associates have passed their advanced driving so far in 2017; all three passing with distinction and gaining a F1RST award. Congratulations to the associates and their observers for all their hard work. The trio are are all now working towards their local observer qualification, which is great news for the group.

Our Chief Observer recently passed the IAM Masters course – not only passing the course, but gaining a pass with distinction. The masters course is one of the highest civilian driving awards available; passing with distinction puts our chief observer in a very exclusive club of elite drivers. The group is lucky to have such talent amongst our ranks.


March 2017

The group Chair and Chief Observer attended the IAM RoadSmart Spring Forum in Stirling. There they learned about upcoming improvements to the advanced driving course, new types of membership, changes to group standards and upcoming fundraising events. Information learned from the forum will be disseminated to the committee at our next meeting, and will be announced to the group over the next few weeks.

The group AGM took place on the 23rd of March. Committee members were re-elected, there were reports by the group Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, awards were given to the best observer and for most significant contribution to the group. Full minutes of this meeting are available to any interested party by contacting the group.