Advanced driving is a skill for life, that could one day save your life. 

Becoming an advanced driver improves all aspects of your driving performance. Your ability to spot and react to hazards, to control your vehicle, to read the road and anticipate the mistakes of other road users. Increased confidence brings increased enjoyment of driving, making day-to-day journeys more engaging. Improved road knowledge enhances hazard perception, keeping you one step ahead of other road uses. Better vehicle control techniques improve safety and ensure smooth journeys for drivers and passengers, whilst helping to minimise mechanical wear on your vehicle.

Perhaps you think a few aspects of your driving could do with improvement (e.g. parking, driving at night or on country roads), or maybe you are already a confident driver looking for a thorough professional assessment of your driving skills and knowledge. Many people are required to use vehicles as part of their job – an advanced driving test pass is a great way to show an employer how seriously you take your driving. Associates come to us for a range of reasons, so we have a range of courses to suit.

All of our observers are Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) qualified, whilst the advanced driving course is DVSA approved and recognised by many motor insurance companies. This means (amongst other benefits) that drivers who pass their advanced driving test often benefit from cheaper car insurance. Advanced driving skills are also advantageous for insurance telematics boxes – smooth and safe driving is what these (increasingly common) devices are looking for.

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